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I never got to meet my grandfather but I’m told he was fascinated by the weather, keeping detailed records of rainfall at his farm and often gazing skyward. I sometimes wonder if my passion for watching the skies is in my blood.

It didn’t quite seem that way in the beginning though. I had an intense fear of storms as a kid and would often be found hiding in my room at the sound of thunder. However as I grew older, fear soon turned to fascination. I began to read books about forecasting storms and noticed the amazing photographs of cloud formations, lightning and all sorts of atmospheric wonders that filled the pages. It wasn’t long until I found myself looking out the window to see what wonders I’d be able to capture.

Picking up Dad’s camera at the age of 16, I had no idea just how far this would actually go. Over the next decade I would experience some of the most amazing weather extremes - severe thunderstorms, violent tornadoes, giant hailstones, spectacular lightning displays, floods….and yet even in the stillness of watching a vibrant sunset there’s drama to be found.

If there’s beautiful light in the sky, that’s where I want to be. Camera in hand, eyes looking upwards.

You can email me at dave@daveellem.com