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Something more like a sunrise scene


Valley fogs are very common in the valley out the front of where I live. You see them most morning during the humid months. However it’s not very often that you have a valley fog late in the day, as was the case this particular afternoon following a line of thunderstorms that had passed through. As the cloudband began to clear, the warm tones of the sunset light broke through, presenting a beautiful foggy scene that was definitely more reminiscent of something you might see in the morning.


Amazing Severe Storm Outbreak

Storm Chasing

In what feels like a return to the ‘good old days’ of storm chasing, a trough has stalled over northern NSW and southern QLD since Saturday and has resulted in thunderstorms every afternoon across the region for the last 5 days. I’ve been out and about chasing each afternoon and will post photos once the run of storms comes to an end and I have time to process the images. There have been some great storms, including this one in SE QLD on Sunday evening. This bolt landed around 200m away and was a bit too close for comfort! More coming soon…


A journey to the top of Australia


It’s nice to have been so busy out travelling and taking photos that I haven’t had time to keep my blog up to date. I went on a 10 day drive from Lennox Head to Darwin in September which was the most fun adventure. Heaps of photo opportunities in such a colourful part of Australia. Here’s one taken from Nightcliff jetty at dawn. Hopefully I’ll get around to post more soon…though I’m hoping more for the storm season to kick in the gear and keep me busy shooting!